Our main goal here at Celedon Consultation Group is to provide small to medium sized businesses the support their I.T networks need to run at optimum performance. We provide a variety of services to help achieve our goal.
  • Full Managed I.T
  • Project Consultation
  • System Upgrades
  • Live Online Support Chat
  • Network Support
  • Software Support
  • Remote Access Maintenance
  • Hardware Maintenance and Repair
  • Custom Forms
  • User Training
  • Vendor Coordination
  • Nonprofit organization pricing

Full Managed I.T

Full managed I.T is a system of information technology management in which every element of a network is monitored for maintenance, repair, and security needs. We partner with your business to

System Upgrades

Is your computer system and network infrastructure so out of date that everyday computer tasks have become tedious and time consuming? Perhaps you should consider upgrading your system. When upgrading your system it is important to determine what your upgrading needs are. Upgrading your system could be as simple as upgrading software and a few components or you might need a more extensive upgrade. When upgrading your system we will look at all of your needs, budget, and future growth plans to give you exactly what you need.

Project Consultation

Not sure whether you should upgrade software or invest in a whole new system? With our project consultation you can take a step in the right direction. Don't waste time guessing on what hardware or applications you need for your business. Project consul

Network Support

Connectivity issues are some of the most common ..........

Hardware Maintenance and Support

Office equipment installation.............

Medical Software Support

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User Training

Having top of the line equipment and software is null if your staff doesn't know how to efficiently use it. Having a well trained staff saves time and money for any business. Contact us for information on custom training sessions for your staff.

Nonprofit Assistance

If you are a nonprofit organization and require affordable assistance, we offer discounted prices for qualified organizations.