Why Join Us

What exactly makes Celedon Consulting Group different from any other I.T company? The difference in our company is the commitment to the growth of the community through meaningful connection and partnerships with businesses,rather than simply seeing clients as another customer. Communities are not solely made up of big business and major corporations. The heart of the community lies with the local businesses.

What is Worry-Free IT?

Worry-free IT is peace of mind that your business is being monitored and protected against major downtime and IT catastrophes with our managed IT solutions. This is achieved by catching and resolving small issues before they escalate and possibly cause a larger problem. In the long run it is more time and cost effective to treat smaller issues as they occur rather than wait until a major I.T issue occurs and do damage control.

Affordable Rates

It's no secret that contracted IT services can sometimes be quite costly. High costs of IT services can hinder small businesses growth because it prevents business owners from investing time and resources to maintain a properly functioning system. One way we achieve worry-free IT and maintain properly functioning systems is to give our partners the most affordable rates available. By giving our partners the lowest rates available, they can confidently contact us to resolve smaller issues that would normally be cost prohibitive. Resolving small problems as they arise is the most important element to preventing a major technological catastrophe from occurring.

Fast Service

One of the benefits of partnering with us is the efficient and timely service you receive. In order to follow our worry-free I.T motto, it is important to resolve issues as quickly as possible. We achieve this by providing time saving tools, such as remote access servicing and online support chat. Once initial set up is complete, we can resolve 90% of issues online at a much quicker pace than a traditional field visit. If an issue cannot be resolved online, we work with your schedule to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Meeting Your Needs

It doesn't matter if your business only has a handful of computers in your network or a couple dozen, we will give you same dedication regardless of your network size. Each business has their own unique networking needs and we will work with you to meet those needs.